Looking For a Profitable Business Opportunity in Singapore With Small Capital Investment?

Imagine running a Business Whereby Customers Will Look For You - But NOT You Look For Customers!

 Have you been searching for a business opportunity in Singapore in the Straits Times' Classified Ads but couldn't find a suitable business to  invest in? 

 Or maybe most of the advertisements out there are business involved with MLM, or perhaps ask you to become a property or life insurance  agent which is not your cup of tea?

 Or perhaps some of the business opportunities offered required you to folk out a lump sum of capital?

 If your answer to the above questions is a YES, then you may consider to set up a profitable tuition agency with a small capital  investment.

What is a Tuition Agency? 

A Tuition Agency is a business service, specializing in introducing tutors to students requiring help in academic studies. Tutoring agencies exist largely due to the problems parents and students face in finding a specialist who can help them with the study of one or more specific subjects.

This is home tuition, which is also referred to as 1-to-1 private tuition whereby the tutor will travel to the students' home to conduct the lessons. This is mainly for students who need academic assistance in the Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Junior College, Poly or even University level.

There are also many adults in Singapore who engage a home tutor to coach them languages like Mandarin Chinese, English, Malay language etc...They will contact a tuition agency to help them find a 1-to-1 private tutor to go to their home or office for lessons.

What is the Business Nature Of a Tuition Agency? What Do I Need To Do?

The operation of the business is quite straight forward and simple:

Step 1. Parents visited your website on the internet.

Step 2. Parents call you by phone, or through e-mail requesting to find a tutor, they will tell you where is the tuition location, the level of the student and the subjects that they need for tuition.​

Step 3. Once you receive the request​, you search through the tutor database and locate a tutor who is able to teach the student.

Step 4.​ Arrange a first lesson date for the lesson to start.

​Step 5. Parents pay you 50% of the First month's tuition fee.

How Do I Make Profits?

For any successfully student-tutor case that you match, you will get paid 50% of the First month tuition fee.

For e.g. The tuition fee is $300/month for a primary 5 student having Maths tuition. The parent will pay the tuition agency $150 (50%), and the remaining $150 (50%) to the tutor in the first month. The commission is levied on the tutor but we collect from the parent.

In fact, the average tuition fees for a student is about $300/month. That's mean each successful cases that you match you earn $150.

Therefore, if you manage to close 2 cases a day, your profits is: ($150 x 2 cases x 30 days) = SGD $9,000 a month

How Can I Get Started?

When starting a business it's always better if you can model the actions and thought-process of someone who has already successfully done what you want to do.

Since 1997, we have been operating our tuition agency. If you are able to copy our system, then you are almost half-way to success!

(Note: We make $1,000 commission each day running our tuition agency.)

Our System

Check out our Amazing Package: 

It includes 4 Marketing Platforms, 6 Unique Software, Resources and Personal Coaching

4 Platforms


We create your own tuition website, to build your own brand. You can add unlimited pages


We create a Facebook BUSINESS page for your brand.

Google Plus

We create a Google Plus BUSINESS page for your brand.


We create a Youtube Channel for your brand.

6 Unique Software

Whatsapp Or FB Messager

Visitors can chat with you directly using this software on your website.

QR Code

Create unlimited QR Code which direct the visitors to your website, e-mail or phone number.

Call Button

Allow visitors to call you directly when they visit your site on a mobile phone.

Copyright-Free Images

Search and edit countless Copyright-Free images when you are adding pages.

Visitor Spy

Spy on your visitors' mouse movement, click, eye-tracking and scroll. Discover the popular pages of your website, including deep analytics. (Valued SGD $1,800 for 3 years)


Direct visitors to any web page you want them to go when they want to exit your website, most visitors will change their mind and choose to use your service after they see the redirected page. (Valued $60)


Some of the Marketing Campaigns are 'set-up and forget' task, which means after we have set up the campaign for you, you actually do not need to do anything, just wait for the parents to contact you.

You do not need to use all the marketing strategies below, even just use 2 or 3 of the campaigns below can be very effective in getting business. Its all depends on your choice on which approaches to use.

Mass Marketing

We advertise your website to 50 local classified Ads site and Directories for maximum exposure online.

Email Marketing

We set up a E-mail autoresponder account to capture parents' email address who opt-in to download free exam papers on your website. The download link for the exam papers (pdf format) will deliver to their mail box automatically. Over time, you will have a huge email list to promote your business over and over again. If you have heard it before, the money is in the list. It is TRUE!

Facebook Marketing

We help you set up campaign to target 150,000 Facebook users who are Singapore parents and have kids between 3-18 yrs old.

Viral Marketing

We give you a software to perform a marketing strategy that encourages people to pass on your marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message’s exposure and influence. Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands, to millions.

Search Engine Marketing

We help you set up campaign so that your website can be seen on Google search engine for multiple keywords.

Video Marketing

We give you a keyword tool to find keywords that real human are searching on search engine when they are looking for home tuition services. Then we will teach you how to use the keywords to create a simple slideshow video using Yotube Editor. After that, we teach you to rank the videos on front page of Google. Imagine you have 100s of youtube videos ranking on Google search engine...Its POWERFUL!

Newly Added Feature:

  Now you can combine a Tution Agency + Affiliate E-Comence Business  

We will include a store front within your tuition website to promote educational related products. Once you sign up with the Affiliate program, you will be paid a commission whenever customers buy the products on your website.  

Of course, you will be able to promote products from other niches in the affiliate program. There are many products to choose from...

  • Over USD 8.2 Million paid to affiliates in last 12 months
  • More than 20 Million Products across 10 thousand Brands

We will teach you how to market the products using social media networks.

You can take a look at the example. Make an appointment with us.

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-On-1 Coaching

Training Manual

Training manual for you to refer back to after the 1-on-1 coaching. So you need not to worry about forgetting what you have learned.

Exam Papers

Top primary school exam papers (PDFformat) to offer as a Free gift to parents as a bait to capture their E-mail address.

Materials and Resources

Personalized Teaching

During the training session, we teach you how to manage your website, how to match a tutor to the parents, tuition fee calculations, marketing strategies and all the necessary operation procedures.


We provide advice and support if you encounter any problems whilst running your tuition agency. Simply give us a call if you encounter any problems.

Set Up Your Own Tuition Agency Now!

We are offering this system at $4,000. However, for a limited time only, we are setting up the tuition agency + E-Commence Store for you at a DISCOUNTED price of $1,200

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